Soaking up some lovely bass, brought to you by a remix of Foster the People’s “Call It What You Want” by Whatever/Whatever. Check it out and love it.

New Magic Tape. Listen and love. As a matter of fact, let’s all just dance.


The xx performing with the BBC Symphonic Orchestra in accompaniment.  Makes me want to play with a symphony also.  I wonder what instrument I’d play.. Maybe the hurdy gurdy.

Op.. Op Op, Op! Gangnam Style!!  This guy is seriously killing it with the dance moves. 

Supersonic acidtronic mix by YACHT & Jeffrey Jerusalem honorably titled Acid Punks.

Directions: Listen once, and after 30 minutes if you’re still not feeling it, listen a couple more times, then it’ll kick in.

Trippy rendezvous. John Mayer guitar solo. Well done Frank Ocean.. Well done.

Rusko’s music has been playing around here for a long time.  I figured I’d share some of the secret (which is not really a secret) amazing music from this British producer.  Enjoy.

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